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Ignitech TCI-P4 (V96) 2 or 4 coil output programmable ignition

  • Model: TCIP4
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Ignitech

NZ $499.00

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Please note this price includes a copy of the FastBikeGear Ignitech Manual, experienced after sales technical support and a  bike model specific plug-in wiring loom where available or universal interface loom (not shown in picture.)

This Ignitech TCIP4  programmable ignition System is a excellent and very popular plug compatable plug-in performance upgrade to provide noticeably cleaner and smoother running on standard engines and also gives you options to make the best of modified engines.

For most model bikes we are able to supply the units pre-configured to get you up and running. When we are able to supply you with a model specific plug-in wiring loom, installation takes just a few minutes. All you need to do is unplug your existing ignition unit and plug in the Ignitech unit.

Of course if your engine is modified you can simply remap the ignition curve using you PC or laptop to suit your engine. We can provide you with experienced technical support to assist with this.  Ignitech configuration software is included with the unit. All you need to program this ignition system is a computer running a Microsoft Windows operating system and a serial to USB cable.

Most customers will not use (or need to use) half the range of extensive features available.

We supply the units with both the manufacturers manual and FastBikeGear's manual . The FastBikeGear manual is vastly superior to the original manual, it has improved readability (due to improved translation), more details & explanations, tips and tricks, etc.  It also documents the extra features that have been added by recent firmware upgrades and an excellent appendix on optimising ignition advance for maximising performance.

Short Feature list:

  • Fully mappable ignition curve: Ignition map is fully programmable or you can select from one of the supplied pre configured maps for a range of bikes.
  • 2 x  inputs/connectors that are plug compatible with  your existing ignition pickup sensor connectors.
  • 2 x ignition coil output  connectors that are plug compatible with the three pin out put connectors from your Kukusan ignition modules.
  • 1 x optional use input for TPS (throttle position sensor),
  • 1 x optional use input for ignition blocking input,
  • 1 x optional use input for input for clutch lever switch.
  • 1 x optional use output for use if you have a digital tachometer.
  • 1 x optional use output for fuel pump relay,
  • 1 x optional use output for gear shift light etc.
  • Settable Rev limiter
  • Optional use outputs for servos.
  • Includes Microsoft windows compatible configuration software.

If you have any pre purchase queiries please feel free to email us.


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