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Ducati RexXer ECU Performance mapping

  • Model: RXR-DUC
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  • Manufactured by: Driven Racing (USA)

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What difference will a  RexXer map make to your riding pleasure?
In short it will transform your bike. The best way to get an appreciation for this transformation is to read fellow riders accounts of what a Rexer reflash did to their bikes. Click on this link to read our customers reviews (or add your own.)

RexXer performance maps eliminates the annoying drivability issues such as surging, delayed throttle response or flat spots caused by the overly lean and very restrictive maps. Most customers tell us what they like most about the RexXer performance maps is the vastly improved smoothness. A bike that surges annoyingly when you are cruising on low throttle openings or requires you to ride it in a lower gear than you would like to avoid this, is fatiguing to ride. Likewise a bike that is hesitant when you first start to roll on the throttle through a corner is very frustrating and makes it impossible to establish the smooth riding rhythm we all seek.

Do you have different performance maps to suit different modifications?
The modern ECU is a very sophisticated device that monitors many aspects of your engines operation and environment through a complex range of sensors and so it can adapt to changes within a window of parameters. But once you make changes that exceed the expected window of operation the ECU hits its adaptive limitations any you will not gain the full potential of these changes… and worse you further upset the smooth running of your bike. At this point you need to make corrections in the ECU mapping.

RexXer creates an extensive range of maps for each model of bike to suit the modifications you have. We select the correct map based on what modifications your bike has i.e. slip-ons or full performance exhaust system, air filter, removal of exhaust valves or lambda sensors etc. If you have removed your 02 sensors and or exhaust valve restrictor we also advise the ECU to turn off the corresponding error light on the dash.

Why don’t the bike manufacturers install better maps on the bikes in the first place?
The bike manufacturers certainly have the expertise to create better performance maps, but contrary to the engineer’s desires, they are required to load maps into their bikes to meet the very restrictive European and American emissions limits. The previous Euro 3 limits required that the manufactures fuel the bikes to run excessively lean and with the new even more restrictive Euro 4 limits the situation has just got worse. RexXer maps correct this error.

Is the mapping reversible?
Yes. Before we install a new map we save the map already installed on your ECU.  We can install this back on your bike for you at any time. To date no one has yet asked us to do this.

Should I remap the ECU or install a piggy back unit such as a Power Commander
Remapping an ECU is a superior option to adding a piggy back unit on to your standard ECU to either fool is’s inputs or interfere with it’s outputs. For information on the pros and cons of re-mapping your ECU Vs adding a piggy back unit click on this link

Fuel Efficiency?
If the manufacturers could ignore the emission requirements they would be able to choose to map the bikes for either optimum fuel efficiency or optimum performance. But with the emission restrictions they don’t have the choice to do either. The E3 and E4 rules don’t specify economy, they specify emission limits. that the factory’s must comply with and this necessitates that all modern bikes are mapped excessively lean, which makes them less efficient than they could be.

An efficient engine that thoroughly burns all of the fuel you put into the cylinders is an economic engine. There is no point adding more fuel into an engine than you can completely burn. And with modern fuel injection systems you can more precisely meter the fuel that is injected into the engine under a wider variety of operating conditions. 

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