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Ducabike ultralight Alloy Road clutch plate set (fits all Ducatis from 1991-2006)

  • Model: DB-DF01
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  • Manufactured by: DucaBike

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High quality Italian made, Ultralight alloy clutch plates are also a fantastic upgrade for earlier Ducatis fitted with Steel clutches.

Full set including both friction and steel platesc for ALL models of dry clutch Ducatis from 1991-2006.

Bang for buck upgrading from a steel clutch pack to a modern alloy clutch pack is the single best upgrade you can do to lighten rotating mass on your Ducati! Reducing the rotating mass will improve your engines responsiveness.The resulting reduction in gyroscopic forces also provides noticeable improvements in your bikes handling responses.

As an added bonus aluminium clutch friction plates run much quieter than the OEM steel plates fitted to earlier Ducatis which ring like a tambourine. You also shed the equivalent of one pound of butter in rotational weight.

Usually the first thing to wear out on Ducati clutches is the tangs on the friction plates. These typically develop excessive play long before the friction material is worn below the 2.8mm minimum thickness limit. Beware we have encountered cheap poorly made replacement sets that already have excessive play (over 0.6mm) between the tangs and baskets when new. These are a high quality Italian made clutch plate sets. FBG gets them made in the same factory as the original fitment Ducati clutch plate sets.

  • Fits ALL models of dry clutch Ducatis from 1991-2006
  • Fits DucaBike adjusable slipper clutches.
  • Designed to be a pefect match with aftermarket (12 tooth), Ultralight and original fitment Ducati baskets
  • Only 927 grams. (OEM steel plate set typically 1450 grams).
  • Friction plate tangs are machined to tight tolerances to give minimum clearance between tangs and basket to reduce noise and increase the life of the clutch plates.

Superlight road clutch plate sets can be used with both alloy and steel clutch baskets.

Note:  All Ducatis fitted with steel dry clutches from 1991 onwards can be upraded to Superlight ergal alloy baskets to further reduce the weight of the earlier steel clutches and to reduce the loud noise that the steel baskets make!


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