Ducati MBP 8 mm valve collet set (increase shim service intervals)

  • Model: CT2DS
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
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  • Manufactured by: Driven Racing (USA)

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Highly recommended by FastBIkeGear.

The MBP retaining system is designed to extend valve adjustment intervals by using a superior design to retain the closer shim on the valve stem.

The valve seats and hardened shims in a Ducati wear very slowly, however the retainging half-rings falatten off fairly quickly necessitating that you replace them frequently to maintain your valve shim toleranes. It is also not uncommon when checking your shims to find one or more of them has broken.

The Ducati valve retention is maintained through the use of hardened steel half-ring. The steel half rings are a literally a round peg in a square hole fit (the rings are circular in profile and the groove in the valve stems has a square edge profile) which results in a half-ring that unfortunately deform (squish) quite quickly over time and also wear the grooves in the valve stems quicker than they should,

These shim adjustments are required as often as every 4,000miles (6,000 Km).

After extensive testing and metallurgy research, MPB created a new design for desmo valve actuation collets. The MBP collets are a vastly superior system that give a greatly service period before needing to change shims.

· Don't flatten off
· Don't break
· Exact seating area; square peg in a square hole
· No movement - Extra long shoulder, Precision fit;
· C.N.C. machined to aerospace specification
· Unparalleled Finish & Tolerances - Specialized Coating
· Quality Control - Every collet individually inspected




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