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Shindengen universal single or 3 phase Mosfet Rectifier/Regulator

  • Model: FH020
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  • Manufactured by: Driven Racing (USA)

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Price includes connector kit for terminating on your existing regulator wires.

Please note these are genuine Shingenden regulators (not the Chinese fakes, which fail with a few days, that are being sold bs some shonky suppliers - the fakes are easily spotted as they have resin backs intead of a shiny aluminium plate.) 

Stop prematurely cooking your expensive batteries with poorly regulated Rectifier/Regulators.

This high quality MOSFET regulator is the original fitment on many modern Ducatis and Japanese bikes.

(Note the FH020 is Shindengen's upgraded replacement for the earlier FH012 and is a superior unit)

Yamaha part number ID7-81960-00-00

These are widely thought to be the best Rectifier/Regulator ever made and are consequently the best selling R/Rs on the planet.

Suitable for use with all modern battery types including gel cell and LiFePO4 Lithium batteries.

The use of MOSFETS means that this regulator runs cooler than SCR regulators and should ensure a longer life.

Output voltage regulation on this unit is much smoother and more stable than many earlier types for rectifier/regulators and this will give your ECU and other onboard bike electronics and easier time.

This requlator works with bikes fitted with both three phase alternators (three  wire stators) and  earlier single phase alternators. (two wire stators).

We have tested this on early model Ducati bikes fitted with high current single phase alternators.



Please note that this RR is a little larger than some models and on some bikes is too large to fit in the standard location.

  • 70mm Hole spacing
  • 90mm (w) x 10mm (h) x 32mm (d)


Helpful Tips:

Often a stator has fails and the regulator gets the blame. A stator is difficult to check completely as they often fail only when hot.
These simple checks will find some bad stators, but a stator that passes these checks may still be defective.

  2. Check the resistance between the leads, this is normally under 1 or 2 ohms. If you have a 3 phase stator, the resistance between each of the 3 lead combination's (AB,AC,BC) should be equal. If you see higher resistance, or unequal resistances, the stator is bad.
  3. Check the resistance to ground, it should be well over 10 Meg ohm.
  4. Battery condition is important. No regulator can make up for a bad or weak battery. If in doubt charge your  battery and have it load tested, or simply replace it.

If you are local, FastBikeGear has invested in the correct test equipment and can provide a full service check of your Rectifier Regulartor output voltage, Battery condition (tested with a carbon pile load tester) and Starter motor Peak and continuous current draw. This testing takes just 20 minutes (if your battery has a good charge in it - longer of course if we need to charge it first).



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