Paddock stand cotton reels

RacePuck's paddock stand cotton reels come in both a standard length and also a long slider option. (shown below).

We recommend that standard length RacePuck cotton reels for bikes with softer aluminium swing arms and the longer slider option for bikes fitted with stronger steel swingarms. On bikes fitted with aluminium swing arms we recommend you also use RacePuck rear axle mounted sliders.

Most paddock stand sliders are too short to provide any real protection, or are made from so little material than they wear away wthin the first moments of a slide leaving your bikes swing arm, rear brake caliper and axle tips to grind along theroad/ track. The longer 'slider' option provides superior crash protection by nature ovv being both longer and beefier than standard length paddock stand cotton reels.

All RacePucks feature a deep wide grove which means that positioning and locating your paddock stand even on an uneven surface is easier and of course your bike is more secure when sitting on the rear stand.

All RacePuck paddock stands have a steel insert backing on them to prevent them flexing and bending the mounting bolt.

Machined from a high density tough polymer noted for it's strength and exhibiing a low coefficient of friciton to help ensure your bike slides rather than tumbles.

RacePuck paddock stand cotton reels mount directly into the mounting points on the rear swingarm offering the best of both worlds in terms of crash protection to those components located towards the rear as well as the ability to lift up the rear of the bike with a paddock stand for maintenance and tyre changes.

Using RacePuck cotton reel sliders instead of axle sliders means that you do not have to remove the sliders each time you wish to change wheels. This can be important on race days when you have little time between races to change from wet to dry tyres.


Monthly Specials For July

Cotton Reels (Offset) for Aprilia RSV4 '09- and Tuono V4 '11-
Cotton Reels (Offset) for Aprilia RSV4 '09- and Tuono V4 '11-
NZ $117.00  NZ $94.00
Save: NZ $23.00 off
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