Ducati RexXer ECU Performance mapping

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John ****: "Hi Liam
Reporting back on the Rexxer reflash of my M800Sie Ducati:

My problem with my '03 M800Sie Ducati Monster has always been its jerky throttle response: it was either accelerating or engine braking with an abrupt transition between the two. But everyone who rode it said it was a normal Ducati Windy roads, where a Ducati is supposed to shine, were a pain. So much so that I was testing other bikes, intending to sell it.
The Rexxer reflash was a last ditch attempt to make it usable for me.
With the reflashed ECU, I can feather the throttle like I always believed I should be able to. The Raglan Deviation and back road to Waingaro (proper twisty roads) are fun now, where they were hard work, scary even.
Don't think it makes more power and it's only marginally more thirsty than it was; 250km on 12L vs 275km on 12L before the reflash.
I've dropped from 41T to 40T on the rear sprocket and it pulls the higher gearing willingly, easily making up the difference in fuel economy.
My bike has Termignonis and a BMC gauze air filter and Liam thinks it may have already had a non-standard map for those, as it didn't backfire or hunt badly. With Rexxer reflash it still burbles a little on overrun, but the abrupt throttle response everywhere and the minor hunting at 100kph is gone.
I'll be keeping the bike, and for that alone its worth the money."
Date Added: 11/15/2017 by FastBikeGear Customer
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