Ducati RexXer ECU Performance mapping

NZ $549.00

Ian ****: "Hi Liam and Julie,

Now that I have been reunited with my Scrambler, I'm really beginning to appreciate the changes that the Rexxer ECU mapping has made.
The greatest improvement has been with throttle response. Instead of the 'twitchiness' of the original bike's throttle, it has been greatly tamed, allowing a very progressive and easily controllable response to rider input. This is of great benefit in many situations.
Through traffic it gives a much smoother ride at slower speeds, being a lot more forgiving to less than perfect clutch control. Once the roads clear you can really appreciate the extra power that is there in the mid range, allowing for safer overtakes or sudden lane changes.
On rural roads the changes are considerable. The Scrambler was always a great bike for cornering, yet the rider can be caught out by the original on/off nature of the throttle, when accelerating out of bends. Combined with the original 'harsh' suspension, and variable NZ road conditions, this made for some tricky situations. Now that I have changed the suspension and had the Rexxer ECU mapping, the bike is so much smoother through the bends, being easier to control, giving more confidence to the rider.
The Rexxer mapping has proved to be the best value change I have made to the bike, and certainly contributes to the smile I have every time I step on and off the bike.
Many thanks for your clear explanations during the mapping process, and the knowledge I have gained from your considerable experience.

Kind Regards.


P.S. Also the the Ascari mirrors I got from you as well are absolutely perfect for the Ducati Scrambler."
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