Ducati Hall Effect pick up mounting kit 1

NZ $467.00

Quentin ****:Hi Liam, I fitted the new coils, leads and plug caps last week and finally found time to test ride it. Quite amazing - seat of the pants tells me I'm getting totally clean running right through to the rev limiter. I need to do another basic dyno run to confirm that my custom air filter and intake system is breathing nicely. We did our runs with the FCRs running Sudco oval alloy stacks. My dyno guy was adamant that fitting filters was going to result in a way too rich A/F on the main jet.

At the same time I'm hoping the new ignition sys will confirm that the high rpm miss is gone. I'm guessing I'll actually have more rear wheel HP and higher torque even with the air filters than the dat one figures.

Pretty keen to fit the TPS and i have another dyno guy lined up for that.

I'll be in touch.

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