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Ducati Hall Effect pick up mounting kit 1

  • Model: HE-Mounting-Kit-1
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  • Manufactured by: FBG

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Ducati Hall Effect pick up mounting kit 1
Please not this kit is not a five minute install. You will be required to run and solder the Ignitech pickup wires to the circuit board (these can be seen soldered to the board in the picture below) and you will be required to cut a hole in one of your existing cam belt covers (A template is provided for this).

This Hall Effect pick up compontent kit incudes the key components you need to retro fit Hall Effect pickups to 1990's air cooled Ducatis already fitted with an Ignitech TCIP4 Ignition module. (If you don't already have an Ignitech Ignition unit please choose kit 2).

Carburetor equipped Ducati 900 SuperSports (91-97)

Carburetor equipped Ducati 900 SuperSport  F.E. (1998)
Carburetor equipped Ducati Ducati 900 SuperSport CR (1998 USA)
Carburetor equipped Monster 900 CC bikes built from 91-98.

Please note the Hall Effect mounting plate attaches on top of he central cam belt cover. All of the above bikes use the same central cam belt covers with the  part numbers below. The mounting plae will not fit aftermarket or different model cam belt covers.

Lower cover part #245.1006.1A (Grey)

Lower cover part #245.1006.1AB (Black)


  • Black acetal rotor pre-fitted with 2 x heat resistant rare earth magnets.
  • Silver anodised rotor clamp.
  • 3D printed Hall Effect circuit board mounting plate. This is printed from a high temp, carbon fibre filled industrial filament, that is immune to all automotive fluids (except battery acid).
  • Hall effect circuit board with filtering, signal conditioning, voltage filtering and two LEDs to assist with setting up the base timing. This will be pre-installed in your mounting plate.
  • 2 x connectors to go in the wiring between the Ignitech and hall effect kit.
  • 2 x Short stainless steel cap screws for mounting the rotor clamp.
  • 3 x long zinc plated cap screws for mounting plate
  • Installation instructions.FastBikeGear Ignitech manual which includes a lot more information than the few sheets of information Ignitech provide with the units.

This kit must be used with and with the FastBikeGear Hall Effect Ignitech unit or a standard Ignitech TCIP4 with a four component interface circuit that you can make for a less than $5. Diagram for interface circuit

Can be used with any ignition coils and spark plug leads but for best performance we recommend using our FBG Ignitech-matched ignition coils and our UltraRace spark 8mm Silicon spark plug leads.

Why upgrade to a Hall Effect ignition trigger system?
There are two key reasons.

Reason one is to get rid of the wasted spark and give the primary current up to twice as long to build to a maximum in the primary windings of the ignition coils. To get rid of a wasted spark you usually need to move from a crank mounted pickup system to a cam mounted pick up system.

Unfortunately Inductive pickups output voltage is very dependent on the speed the ferrous lobe passes the inductive pick up.

Cams rotate at half the speed and the cam driven trigger rotors are less than half the diameter of the flywheel. Both of these factors conspire to ensure that the speed that the ferrous lobe passes the pickup up is relatively slow to crank mounted systems. Which means you sometimes get a weak and erratic ignition system if you try to operate inductive pickup on a cam driven system.

Reason two is the true timing of the ignition pulses changes with changes in speed due to the hysteresis inherent in inductive pickups. This means that the degrees of advance you set in your system does not correspond with what you actually get at all revs.

NONE of the above are issues with hall effect pickups. Hall Effect pickups can give you a very precise (accurate) and clean signal from less than 1 rpm to more than 20,000 rpm.

Most (all?) modern European cars and modern bikes hence use hall effect cam driven pickups.

Here's a link to a youtube video of a bike fitted with this kit Ducati Hall Effect pick up mounting kit.


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