Ignitech ignition systems & accessories

The world's leading manufacturer of programmable ignition systems. Available as plug and play replacement systems or fully programmable systems to improve performance and reliability. Ignitech igntion systems are available for just about every model of bike. Fully configurable and tunable with the included Windows configuration software. 

Features (dependent on model) include:

  • Configurable rev limiter for all other occasions. 
  • Input for quick shifter 
  • Full customisable ignition advance maps
  • Dual switchable maps.
  • Pit lane rev limiters
  • Output for digital tachometers.
  • Output for shift light
  • Tunable dwell configuration to optimise performance with any ignition coils.
  • 3D mapping for Throttle Postion or MAP sensors
  • Mulitple outputs too drive servo motors
  • Gear indicator 
  • Configurable for 1, 2, 3 and 4 cylinder engines

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