Ducati (other) RexXer ECU Performance mapping

NZ $499.00

Ivica **** (Scrambler 800): "I hoped for improvement in power (with open Akrapovic and K&N high-flow filter), better throttle controls in low revs, and stop to occasional engine going out when cold for my Ducati Scrambler. When I test rode the bike today, I realised Liam and Rexxer delivered on all accounts! There is definitely a few ponies more and they are noticeable, as the bike is happily pointing the front wheel up on hard acceleration. At the same time the power comes as a continuous push now, with much less noticeable sudden initial spike that used to hit you for the initial moment. The power now comes strong and continuous.
The final test was a simple roundabout. The standard bike is not easy to ride around a roundabout, as there is a very noticeable on/off “switch” when engine is at minimal revs, which makes speed correction in a slow roundabout an unpleasant affair. After a few laps around a roundabout close to Liam’s shop, I can definitely say that the on/off switch is gone, and the bike is smooth and controllable when accelerating or decelerating at low revs.
All in all, the result is all I hoped for: bike that has a noticeably more power and much smoother throttle control, especially at low revs.

Kind regards.
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