Ducati (other) RexXer ECU Performance mapping

NZ $499.00

What a revelation, my 959 is so unbelievably different now it has been upgraded with a Rexxer map.
After experiencing less than perfect fuelling on some of my previous bikes (MV F3 etc) I actually thought the 959 was ok with the factory map.
Then after talking with Liam about the difference it made to the 899 it got me thinking.
Why live with a bike that is not perfect and is probably restricted more than the 899 by Euro4 controls.
Now the bike is just so much smoother in all riding situations including urban and highways.
No more surging on the motorways around 4,500rpm, no more snatchy on/off throttle around town.
It is so much more refined and really how it should be.
All I can say to other 959 owners is DO IT you won’t regret it.

It will be interesting to see if it helps with my cold starting issue (common with other 959). I will let you know.
Date Added: 12/29/2016 by Jono Lowe
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