FastBikeGear's User Guide for Ignitech TCI-P4

NZ $13.00

Great job, LIam. What I really like about this manual is that it not only shows you how to use an Ignitech ignition and how to program it correctly but that it also tells you why you should do it that way. It not only tells you to "push this and that button", but it also tells you why you should push this buttons and what happens when you do so. A great subtitle would be: "An introduction to motorcycle ignition systems." This manual goes way further than just Ignitech. I learned more about ignitions from this manual than I did reading on the internet for months. So once again; wonderfull and much appreciated job, Liam. I can recommend this manual to every motorcycle enthousiast, even to those who doesn't use an Ignitech ignition. And all that for less than 7 euro's. Worth every cent of it. Thx again!!
Date Added: 11/23/2017 by Fred Movaert
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