FastBikeGear's User Guide for Ignitech TCI-P4

NZ $13.00

Brent ****: "Thanks Liam, I had a read on the way home on the bus and very impressed - apart from the typos ;-). Very interesting and certainly helpful what you've added in there over and above the Ignitech info. Makes me keen to get stuck in to it (post Hampton Downs) and eventually get carried away with new pick-ups, coils, HC Pistons and also retard switch for when fuel is less than satisfactory :-). I was also planning to sell my DB1 (and if someone fronts up with the cash I will) but it's so tempting to do all the things I wanted to - and it is a prime candidate for Ignitech too!

Date Added: 10/08/2014 by FastBikeGear Customer
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