FastBikeGear's User Guide for Ignitech TCI-P4

NZ $13.00

Mike ****: "I should note that Liam's Ignitech manual has been very, very helpful. It's $10 (NZ) very well spent! I've read it 10+ times now, and continue to learn more with each reading. I can't imagine installing one of these without it. Thanks Liam! I finished my Ignitech install this weekend. Overall, the install went smoothly. I ran the bike's pick-up wires to the right side and up into the battery box. I've got a lithium battery, so there's lot's of room in the box. The new Ignitechs come standard with longer wiring, so I mounted mine with Velcro under the seat. I ran the wires along the upper frame rail and into the battery box. Next time I have the air box out, I'll drill a hole in the side and run the wires into it directly rather than over the top (see the pics). My hope is that keeping all of this wiring away from the plug leads will result in minimal interference.

My initial impressions are that off-idle roll-on is much smoother and that the motor is more willing to rev. That said, I've recently added FCRs and separating FCR tuning issues from Ignitech tuning issues should be fun :p. My plan is to work with a local Duc tech to tune the FCRs on a dyno.

FYI, motor mods include racked FCRs with CA Cycleworks standard set-up, Giacomoto slip ons, open air box, CA Cycleworks coils and leads, new DCPR8E plugs. I've got a MOSFET R/R that I haven't installed yet.

I'm going to start my Ignitech tuning with the base advance. Oddly, in checking base adv with a timing light before and after the install, base adv looks to be about 10* ?!? Next time I change the oil I'll check the position of the pick ups and position them closer as Liam advises."
Date Added: 10/02/2014 by FastBikeGear Customer
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