Spark Classic GP Style slip-on (Universal)

NZ $759.00

Bruce Cormick: "Liam

Re: Spark pipes, really pleased, completely different bike goes great, sounds great, fitted like a glove, would recommend them to anyone. Plse see attached before and after pics...

Many thanks
Bruce Cormick."

[FastBikeGear comment: Because we don't have the header pipes that Bruce purchased listed as a product on our web page this seemed the next best product to assign to his feed back to. Thanks for the great pics of your new Spark headers on your Monster. They certainly clean up the lines of the bike and have got rid of that ugly udder like catalyst hanging under the bac of your bike. I have posted the pics to our customer bike gallery in facebook.]
Date Added: 08/30/2013 by FastBikeGear Customer
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