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3-PowerBlade Ultrabatt Lithium battery with built in BMS!

NZ $390.00

Zac ****: "G'day Julie.

The batteries are for a Forumla 3 race car, that runs a Vauxhall XE 2.0L engine. The electrical draw of the vehicle is quite small (as its an open wheeled racecar), and it is cold-started using a jumper battery. The ultrabatts are for on-track restarts (as the cranking time will be very short) and to add some buffer to the electrical system. We typically run this kind of car on an Odyssey PC545 lead-acid battery with around 200CCA, and a 500A max pulse discharge.

I used them last-year on our Formula SAE car, at Canterbury University. They are a fantastic unit, really easy to mount, as you can spread them apart a little and fit them into places normal batteries cant go!"
Date Added: 15/09/2016 by FastBikeGear Customer
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