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Ducati RexXer ECU Performance mapping

NZ $449.00

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Date Added: 14/08/2017 by FastBikeGear Customer
Peter ****: "Hi Liam, Thanks for the work you did. I took it for a short ride when I got home and runs great. Too be honest I cant feel alot of difference in power, but smooth, no back firing on over run. To be fair its spent more time being taken for a ride in my van than being ridden so I haven't got a great reference. This time instead of thinking about motor not quite right, I was aware of the suspension set up and too lower bars for an old man. The Mv is much more comfortable. Im going to see if the bar risers off my trail bike fit. Thanks Peter" [Thanks for the good feed back Peter. Your feed back is consistent with our own and others experience. Most of the value in the remapping is making the bikes run smoother which in turn allows you to ride more smoothly thru the corners and roll on the throttle mid corner with more assurance. Most of us aren't looking for more top end power. The maps on the pre E3 regulation bikes usually only give a few more hp at the top end. It's the gains in torque and throttle response that are the key advantages. However on the the E3 and E4 emisssion/noise compliant bikes do seem to also provide very noticeable top end power gains as well.

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Date Added: 22/02/2017 by FastBikeGear Customer
Alan Davie: "Hi Liam. Plugged ecu back in ( lambda sensor disconnected ) and started bike. Took for a short ride 5-6 km and bike ran very well and felt very good right thru rev range. (Ducati Monster S2R800).

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Date Added: 08/02/2017 by FastBikeGear Customer
Mark Telford: "The Bikes fantastic. Very happy I'll email you later today outlining the improvements. [Ducati ST4s)

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Date Added: 29/12/2016 by Jono Lowe
What a revelation, my 959 is so unbelievably different now it has been upgraded with a Rexxer map. After experiencing less than perfect fuelling on some of my previous bikes (MV F3 etc) I actually thought the 959 was ok with the factory map. Then after talking with Liam about the difference it made to the 899 it got me thinking. Why live with a bike that is not perfect and is probably restricted more than the 899 by Euro4 controls. Now the bike is just so much smoother in all riding situations including urban and highways. No more surging on the motorways around 4,500rpm, no more snatchy on/off throttle around town. It is so much more refined and really how it should be. All I can say to other 959 owners is DO IT you wonít regret it. It will be interesting to see if it helps with my cold starting issue (common with other 959). I will let you know.

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Date Added: 28/12/2016 by FastBikeGear Customer
Steve ****: "Hi Liam merry Christmas. Bike behaved well on motorway run, boring really . First corner [somewhere near Tuakau] showed great throttle connection at apex of corner like slack had finally been taken out of cable. This has been what I have been looking for, so thank you and merry Christmas to you and your family Cheers Steve."

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Date Added: 29/09/2016 by FastBikeGear Customer
Darren ****: "Liam turned off my immobilizer. If hadn't found him, my bike would have been too costly to fix and would have been only good for parts so thanks heaps for saving my Ducati 996, cheers Darren."

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Date Added: 27/09/2016 by FastBikeGear Customer
Alister ****: Multistrada 2014 "Hi Liam, Thanks for remapping the ECU on my Multistrada today. Itís definitely much smoother at lower revs and at lower speeds. She is also a lot nicer to ride when you are winding the throttle on coming out of corners, much smoother."

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Date Added: 23/09/2016 by FastBikeGear Customer
Iain ****: "My Multistrada 1200 is now remarkably smooth even at slow speed/constant throttle. Didnít get a chance to give it a blast on the way back to Hamilton (too many cops) but seems crisper/more responsive Thanks very much."

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Date Added: 28/04/2016 by FastBikeGear Customer
Doug ****: Hi Liam will give you some more feedback shortly. Planning a big ride, weather permitting so will give it a good try out and let you know. For now noticed increase in mid range and just seems to go harder. Thanks for the great service. Regards Doug."

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Date Added: 29/03/2016 by FastBikeGear Customer
Dean Cowell: "Hi Liam , Home safe and sound. After 300 kms I have found the Monster to be smoother, not at all snatchy at low speed. More throaty sound as well. The remap is a great improvement. The bike performed great on the trip home and put the smile back on my dial. You could be thinking I turned up on one bike and left with another. Thanks again. Not often you see such great customer service." [Monster S4R]

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