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FastBikeGear's User Guide for Ignitech TCI-P4

NZ $13.00

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Date Added: 31/03/2014 by FastBikeGear Customer
Clay ****: Thanks so much Liam. This is going to be a huge help because Monday we found out that this bike has to travel to a show in a month's time....doesn't leave us long to finish the fabrication, build the engine, do paint AND get it running. We'll be able to tune it after we return obviously, but I at least want it running. Having this manual will be a huge help. I'll of course give credit to FastBikeGear on the www.ducati.ms forum when I get to that point in my thread. Cheers! Clay Rathburn, Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles, 1310 Altamont Ave. Richmond, VA 23230, clay@atombombcustom.com, www.atombombcustom.com, P-
h 804.356.5316 [FastBikeGear's comment: Thanks Ray for the supportive feedback. Check out Ray's web site, Great style!]

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Date Added: 26/02/2014 by FastBikeGear Customer
Tiberiu ****: "Supplied manual looks great, thanks! Will read it thoroughly and and get back with feedback. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! Best, Tiberiu"

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Date Added: 20/02/2014 by FastBikeGear Customer
Tom ****: " Hi, Liam. Could you send me a copy of the FastBikgear Ignitech User Guide please. I bought a TCIP4 a month ago to fit to my very non-standard 500 Manx Norton. Due to a few injuries I picked up at the last meeting, I now have the time to fit it as a replacement for the existing Interspan, but I was struggling with the fitting instructions. I found your offer of a rewritten manual while looking for more information. Thanks, its a great service that you have provided to prospective buyers, also helping the manufacturer too. All the best Tom Thomson, France."

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Date Added: 20/02/2014 by FastBikeGear Customer
Geoff Rossi: "BIG thankyou to Liam and Fast Bike Gear for sending me the FastBikGear version of the Ignitech TCIP4 unofficial manual, even though I didn't buy the unit from them. Really appreciate the time spent in putting it together. It's a much more detailed and easy to read version than the original, and shows that the guy's at FastBike Gear have their heads screwed on! :) ride on.. Geoff Rossi." [FsatBikeGear comment: Geoff many thanks for the very positive feed back, much appreciated.]

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Date Added: 20/02/2014 by FastBikeGear Customer
Dragos ****: "Liam, Thank you for the FastBikeGear version of the Ignitech manual, it is very much appreciated. I just flew over it but I can already say that the additions are impressive and extremely useful. For instance I will reconsider the TPS topic which I originally discarded in my plans. I have to start searching for a way to install one on my original carbs (as on 900ss). I will also give my feed-back to the duc forum which led me to your link. Best regards Dragos Grigorincu from Donauwörth, Germany."...

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