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FastBikeGear's User Guide for Ignitech TCI-P4

NZ $13.00

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Date Added: 25/05/2019 by FastBikeGear Customer
Tony ****: "Thanks Liam Its awesome. Clearly, I have some fine tuning and adjustments to do to allow for the 5 ohm CCW coils and to replace the 5 ohm NGK plug caps. Thank you for sharing your hard work and experience, it will be rewarded with my Ignitech customers buying the special Nology coils and Ignition units. Who thought oscilloscopes were obsolete! Thanks again Tony Kokonis"

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Date Added: 13/05/2019 by FastBikeGear Customer
Angelo ****: "Hi Liam Thanks for your kind reply. I am amazed you added so many pages, in your latest version, I can see you kept yourself busy working on it. Thanks for the great manual you put together, the Ignitech unit is a nice little gem it is unfortunate the manufacturer is not providing much info except the few pages they supply with it."

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Date Added: 14/01/2019 by FastBikeGear Customer
David Blunk: Hello Liam, I wanted to let you know that I have received your Ignitech manual and I found it to be extremely helpful in describing not only the Ignitech system, but the engine electrics in general, and in easy-to-understand descriptions. Thank you for putting this together. I always had trouble with the leading edge/trailing edge/ base angle issues, but feel I know about that a lot better now. Thanks again for the manual. Dave Blunk, Santa Barbara, CA USA

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Date Added: 04/12/2018 by FastBikeGear Customer
Louise ****: "knowledge and experience like this is not cheap! - $10 is a huge bargain and I will respect this."

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Date Added: 06/08/2018 by Bernadette Ricciardiello
I've been running an Ignitech TCIP4 on my 1981 CB900F Bol d'Or for about 5 years now with total reliability. I'm going to add a TPS to enable 3D mapping. This manual has given me all the info I need to implement this plus many more things to try i.e., dwell management etc.if there one improvement I could suggest it'd be to talk about more than just the Ducati single lobe pick up. I'd like to know what more can be done with the single tip rotors seen on many older bikes.

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Date Added: 27/07/2018 by FastBikeGear Customer
Melvyn Willmore: "Liam, thanks for the manual. I have only very briefly looked through it but being an engineer from the engine development world (worked at most OEM’s and learnt the basics at Ricardo) I think this is an excellent guide! Far and away from the average documentation that you often get these days. Excellent work and you obviously have a very good understanding of this complicated area of engine development. Please feel free to put this above comment on your website! Thanks in advance, Melvyn."

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Date Added: 16/07/2018 by FastBikeGear Customer
Kenneth ****: "Looking at your fantastic Ignitech Manual I have learnt so much so you can teach an old dog new tricks!"

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Date Added: 03/04/2018 by FastBikeGear Customer
Matthew ****: "Thanks Liam, really appreciate the hard work, I seen your posts on the Ducati forums and thought $10 was a steal for the wealth of information.

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Date Added: 12/02/2018 by FastBikeGear Customer
Karl ****: "Liam, good morning to NZ (funny, we still have Sunday 22:00h and for you it is breakfast time, isn't it?) Have already read the manual and have to say -even if i've already knowed a handful- it is a great work! For being a privateer, I'm quite experienced with the 2-V-Ducs, because I've raced them from 1982 till 2002. Cheers Karl-Heinz Way back in time, I've had the honour to host the Britten Team in my Box - a weekend i will never ever forget. NZ rules!"

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Date Added: 23/11/2017 by Fred Movaert
Great job, LIam. What I really like about this manual is that it not only shows you how to use an Ignitech ignition and how to program it correctly but that it also tells you why you should do it that way. It not only tells you to "push this and that button", but it also tells you why you should push this buttons and what happens when you do so. A great subtitle would be: "An introduction to motorcycle ignition systems." This manual goes way further than just Ignitech. I learned more about ignitions from this manual than I did reading on the internet for months. So once again; wonderfull and much appreciated job, Liam. I can recommend this manual to every motorcycle enthousiast, even to those who doesn't use an Ignitech ignition. And all that for less than 7 euro's. Worth every cent of it. Thx again!!

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