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Ohlins DU235 shock

NZ $1,499.00

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Date Added: 24/01/2011 by Liam Venter
Please note this review has been submitted by staff at FastBikeGear: "Initially we just did the Race Tech Springs and Gold Valve Cartridge emulator upgrade to our project bike. The front end was previously grossly under-sprung contributing to excessive diving under brakes and in combination with soggy dampening on low speed undulations and massively harsh dampening on sharp edged bumps it made the bike feel like a low spec pogo stick. To date the front fork upgrades have undoubtedly been the best bang for buck upgrade yet done to the bike. But it was not until we replaced the standard shock with the Ohlins DU235 that the bike's latent handling capabilities really came alive. Initially we only adjusted the length of the rear shock by 5mm longer than the standard shock. Subsequently we adjusted it a further 5mm longer and at this point the handling was totally transformed! The ride is now plush but more importantly it now turns in and is willing to change lines mid corner. As you can imagine this ability greatly improves both the safety margins and performance."

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