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Ignitech TCI-P4 (V96) FBG Hall Effect 2 Channel Programmable ignition

NZ $396.00

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Date Added: 30/06/2016 by FastBikeGear Customer
Scott ****: "Well I even just put 900ks on my duke today with your handy work done on the ECU ....and it's amazing!!!! Can't rave enough. Very impressed. Could go on and on about all the aspects of it, but you get the picture. Well done Liam!"

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Date Added: 13/02/2015 by FastBikeGear Customer
Stephen ****: :Hi Liam. Again thanks for Thursday. Bike rode smooth on way home + easy cold start on weekend." Cheers Stephen

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Date Added: 07/04/2014 by Mark Combridge
Took less than 5 minutes to fit. Started the bike from cold and noticed straight away that it seemed to be running alot smoother but the engine revs had dropped slightly at idle. After a run on the bike to get it up to operating temp it was noticeable how much better it was running, even when cold. Re adjusted the carbs to run at 1200rpm and let the bike cool before taking it for another run. Again it started perfectly and ticked over nicely without stalling without choke being applied. On the runs that I have done so far It is noticeable how much better it seems to be going over the whole rev range even for a stock bike like mine. Once I had this all sorted I fitted a set of iridium spark plugs and it is going even better again. All I can say is it is worth the money to upgrade to this ignition module, even if you don't intend to use any of the additional features that it has. Highly recommend this product.

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Date Added: 26/08/2013 by Geoff Rossi
BIG thankyou to Liam and Fast Bike Gear for sending me the FastBikGear version of the Ignitech TCIP4 unofficial manual, even though I didn't buy the unit from them. Really appreciate the time spent in putting it together. It's a much more detailed and easy to read version than the original, and shows that the guy's at FastBike Gear have their heads screwed on! :) ride on.. Geoff Rossi." [FsatBikeGear comment: Geoff many thanks for the very positive feed back, much appreciated.]

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Date Added: 06/06/2013 by FastBikeGear Customer
Daniel ****: "Hey thanks for sending this my way! We are using Ignitech for the first time tomorrow at work I will report back to you on how it goes. Thanks again, Daniel."

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Date Added: 23/05/2013 by FastBikeGear Customer
Tim ****: [Follow up to earlier comments] "Liam, I enabled the TPS [on the Ignitech programmable ignition] and with no other changes to the map took it for a test ride. As far as I can tell there is no knocking and performance seems unaffected but it definitely runs smoother at lower, city-type speeds especially in the 2500-3500 rpm range where previously it felt very on/off to the point where I would select 2nd gear rather than 3rd at 30-40mph to get a less lumpy delivery. It now is almost as town-friendly as my fuel injected 916 (more so if you count the riding position). Cheers, Tim".

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Date Added: 02/05/2013 by FastBikeGear Customer
Tim ****: "Liam, been to the dyno today, running the same advance but an increased dwell correction (200%) and it's running cleaner now. Fitted a bigger carb main jet (165) and adjusted the air & slow jets, still need to change the slow jet (currently a 52) as it is still a little lean at low revs, will fit a 60 and get back to set it up but it now pulls cleanly throughout the rev range, making 90hp and 68ft/lb. Was like a differnt bike on the rideback, no spitting back through the carbs and pulls very strongly from any revs - before was struggling to pull away from standstill without feeding plenty of revs in slowly but now it's totally different (the front end certainly seems lighter!) but the engine's done less than 200 miles since rebuild so I need to get a few more miles on it to loosen it up, probably gain a couple of HP then? Not finished yet but I think I'm 95% there and it's certainly enjoyable to ride now rather than 'challenging' Cheers, Tim."

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