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Ducati Brembo 851, 888, Superlight and F.E. replica full floating disc carrier

NZ $345.00

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Date Added: 29/09/2016 by FastBikeGear Customer
Steve ****: "For those who wonder why they should consider replacing their worn full floating disc carriers... I finally got around to fitting mine - and this shows the what my old ones looked like compared to the new ones from Liam. This is what 65,000kms does to the OEM carriers." http://www.ducati.ms/forums/attachments/s-

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Date Added: 15/09/2016 by FastBikeGear Customer
Wilbert ****: "Hello Liam, recieved the carriers today. When are you guys going to build a mars-rocket? The carriers tell me you can do it (the price ticket tells it also😏. Had to pay an extra 130 import tax 😟). Beautifully machined, very precise (for a moment even wandered if they would fit, but they did, of course). Thanks a lot. Regards, Wilbert Nijmegen The Netherlands."

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Date Added: 30/01/2014 by FastBikeGear Customer
Devian ****: "Last night when I got off work, the carriers were waiting for me on the doorstep. Wow! They look and feel great. quality product. I can hardly wait until I have the time to fit them. Thank you!" .....I managed to set aside the time to replace the rotor carriers on my 900SS: I will start off by saying that these carriers are of great quality. I think they are actually nicer than the Brembos that were on the bike. The 900ss that I picked up last month, has been ridden quite a bit, it sat, and of course its 18yrs old... these new carriers are so nice, that I started to feel like they were too nice for my bike, but that only lasted about a micro second, as I started realizing exactly how worn my old carriers were. A nice surprise came when I decided, to flush the brake fluid, and may as well, clean up the calipers as best as I could without actually removing them and rebuilding. so the job was all done this evening, I took the bike out, and WOW! I was amazed to actually have modulation in the front brake, and best off all... no more shuddering/vibration under hard braking. WHAT HAPPENS: These are floating rotors. the interface between the rotor carrier (gold) and the "buttons" (the black round pieces), wallows out. The original carriers are made out of softer aluminum than the buttons. over the years, the braking force starts to open up that interface. Symptom: vibration during hard braking. While I have yet to read of an incident due to rotor carrier failure, I decided that A: this was a very unique opportunity to get a custom limited run on these carriers. Originals are which is just about impossible to find, B: Hopefully bring the bike a bit closer to its performance potential, C: SAFETY, D: Learning experience, and E: better understanding of the bike. Super stoked! Liam Venter did an outstanding job on these carriers I'm a kid again, when I wrench on a motor bike. a good read is "Shop Class as Soul Craft" http://matthewbcrawford.com/index.html Explicit and tacit knowledge Read, study, hands on/actually hold the parts/study them/measure them/get to know what it is, wrench, and ride. In this case, I am amazed, that someone like Liam loves these bikes to such an extent that he'd garner interest in covering the cost to do a batch, engineer the product, source the materials, make the product better (by using a harder aluminum) seek out a higher quality anodizing process, build prototypes, then actually start production run, deal with paperwork, politics, establish a retail outlet, and finally sell the product. Again.. thanks to Liam for the great product!"

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Date Added: 19/01/2014 by FastBikeGear Customer
Will ****: "Thought I'd post my experience with FastBikeGear disc carriers shipped to me in the US from New Zealand. They arrived after about 10 days in shipment, and I found time to install them today. Basically they are faultless. They fit both the wheels and disks very accurately, and the overall quality of machine work and finish is excellent. Having done similar projects myself (I'm a mechanical engineer) I appreciate that its often more difficult than it seems to produce a high quality machined product. These were not inexpensive but they are excellent. I'm looking forward to reduced or eliminated carrier wear with the harder, hard anodized 7075-T6 material. My existing carriers were worn at 18,000 mikes, although still safe, but the pins and disks that were reused showed no wear - so the new setup is basically as new. Incidentally I've used these cast iron disks for most of their life with EBC HH metallic pads, and the friction surfaces are smooth and unworn - the rumors that the HH pads wear cast iron disks rapidly seem untrue. I've used the pads on both cast iron and stainless alloys and they seem to wear cast iron slower, not faster. Anyway the FastBikeGear carriers are great."

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Date Added: 17/01/2014 by FastBikeGear Customer
Erik ****: "Hi Julie, You were right in your estimation. The carriers have arrived today. They look very nice!, well detailed product! Thanks to you and Liam for keeping me informed on the progress and for shipping them so fast. Cheers and Happy holidays, Erik."

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Date Added: 27/11/2013 by FastBikeGear Customer
Mike ****: "The carriers really are exact copies of the original design and colour and the hard anodising is a great improvement over the standard carriers. I am very pleased to have bought them, and would recommend them as the perfect solution to the poor design of the originals. I plan to get another set for my other SP3.Thanks for getting these made, All the best, Mike"

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Date Added: 18/08/2013 by FastBikeGear Customer
Steve ****: "Hi Liam, They look really nice! Sorry, but I won't be mounting them in a hurry - I'll fart around and do a measure up of the original ones and the new ones, and actually see how much wear has occurred at the button holes first. I'm a firm believer in 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' - but I'm very happy to have a replacement set in the drawer. Plus, the vibration I was getting under brakes has gone since I did the chain, sprockets, and front sprocket clip. I'll have no problem putting some feedback up - but when I have some to give... Cheers, Steve."

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Date Added: 25/07/2013 by FastBikeGear Customer
Mike Currie: "Hi Julie, I have just heard from my wife that the disc carriers arrived safely today. Many thanks.

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Date Added: 09/07/2013 by FastBikeGear Customer
Nick ****: "Liam, many thanks, the carriers turned up today and they're fantastic, fit is spot on. Also very quickly delivered, fantastic. Many thanks, Nick."

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