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One on one suspension setup for road bike riders

  • Model: cussusptun
  • On order, email julie@fastbikegear for ETA
  • Manufactured by: Driven Racing (USA)

One on one suspension tuning for road bike riders.

Typically a one to two hour practical session teaching you how to set up and tune your bikes suspension.

A typical session includes workshop measurements and base line set up and then about an hour of you test riding and adjusting your suspension with my tuition and guidance to dial in your suspension from the workshop base line settings.

The test riding and adjustment session is conducted on public roads at road legal speeds.

Why tune your suspension?

All bikes are built to a budget and one of the places that money is often saved that you can't see on the showroom floor is in the suspsension internals.

Showroom floor suspension systems are normally tuned for the average weight rider of average height and average ability, riding the average roads (whatever these might be?!).

If you don't comply with the averages that the designers tuned the suspension for then your suspension will not be right for you. It's surprising how dramatic a small difference in setup can make to the handling and safety margins you might be able to enjoy.

On top of this no one else of your weight, height, length of arms, etc rides quite like you do on the roads you ride at the same pace you ride.


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