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Stonk Ultra-Beam Adventure & Fog Light

  • Model: Stonk-Spot
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • 9 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Stonk

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The Stonk Ultra-Beam LED lights are rugged, high quality, high power units.

Please note that these are purchased and sold as a single unit. If you want a pair you must order two units. Kit includes 60 cm lead attached to light and high quality weather proof automotive connectors.

To give you an idea how incredibly bright these 900 Lumen fog lights are, A 55 standard watt quartz halogen headlight bulb, which is a typcal fitment for a cars headlight ) sticks out about 1200 Lumens of light. While the light from a quartz halogen headlight will have a yellow tinge to it the light from the Stonk lights is an intense white. A single Stonk Ultra-Beam fog light will light up about a 140m of road in front of you.

  • 900 Lumens!!
  • Small design perfect for Motorcycles (just 40mm lens)
  • Medium width light beam pattern. Can be directed so will not blind on-coming drivers .
  • CE certified. (copies of certification available on request.)
  • Rugged alloy housing
  • Rugged stainless steel fittings and mounting system
  • Latest generation Cree UltraBright LED Technology (6000L colour)
  • Only 10 Watts power consumption!
  • Very low power draw (0.69 Amps per light @ 14.4vDC)
  • Easy to mount design
  • *Supplied with weatherproof high quality German automotive connectors.
  • Horizontal and vertical tilt adjustment
  • Waterproof IP68 rated, (1m depth)
  • Ultra long life (>50,000hrs)
  • Will operate on 9 to 50V DC
  • Free after sales phone support
  • 1 Year Warranty

    *Click here to see video guide on how to use the very goo connectors these come with.

Mounting Dimensions:

  • Lens diameter 40mm
  • Housing diameter 61.5mm
  • Housing Depth 75mm
  • Wiring lead length 30cm
  • Mounting bolt diameter 6mm

A summary of LTSA regulations for fog lights in NZ are as follows:

  1. You may fit either 1 or 2 fog lights to a motorcycle
  2. If you fit fog lights to a car you must fit them as a pair.
  3. If you fit a  pair, both lights must be mounted on the same horizontal plane.
  4. Fog lamps must be operated via a separate driver/rider operated switch that illuminates to indicate when the lights are switched on. They must be fitted so
  5. They must be angled so that they do not blind oncoming drivers.

LTSA vehicle lighting regulations

An easy way to attach the Stonk Ultra-Beam fog lamps to your vehicle if you have adventure bars, etc is to use P-clamps or Munzing clamps  These are inexpensive and available from most hose and pipe shops in a range of sizes to suit different size bars.


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