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Yamaha YZF-R3 Front fork scalpel valve and spring kit

  • Model: Scalpel Valve kit - fitted.
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  • Manufactured by: FBG

NZ $399.00

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Yamaha R300 fork Scalpel Valve upgrade.
For race use only.

Please note these are priced to support grass roots racing in New Zealand. If we ever offer them for road use or track day use the price witll be $599. To purchase them at $399 you will need to have a current MNZ race license.

Salpel valve kits also include uprated springs to suit rider weight.

If you get a chance, beg a ride on a bike fitted with these Scalpel valve upgrade kits. Most people are pleasanntly stunned with the transformation in handling and the increased grip.

Small light weight race bikes do not need large diameter, and consequently overly stiff forks. Unfortunately there are almost no readily available, or cost effective, high performance, light weight forks suitable for use on light weight buckets.

Damper rods have the very valuable advantages of being VERY light and having very low stiction, due to using small diameter fork seals and small diameter teflon sliders. However, like all damper rod forks they use the cheapest and most crude form of damping available (fixed oriface damping). They offer tool little low speed compression damping and too much high speed compression damping .....and a very poor rebound damping response. Consequently they collapse excessively under braking and are very poor at helping the tyres maintain an even pressure on the track surface, which greatly impairs potential grip.

It's almost impossible to design anything cheaper to make, which is why damper rod forks are used on low cost commuter bikes. However there is nothing wrong with their physical construction that stops them working beautifully when you ditch the fixed oriface damping system and intall a good valving system in them.

Scalpel valves do not use a similar design to traditional valve emulators. Unlike earlier valve emulators Scalpel valves offer variable oriface damping control in BOTH the compression and more importantly the rebound direction. Instead of using a spring plate for variable oriface compression damping and just fixed oriface design for rebound damping, both rebound and compression damping is controlled via shims that provide a similar  function to the shims used in modern race cartridge forks. Shims can be quickly changed at the track without disassembly of the fork.


Pricing includes:

  • All forks legs are measured for straightness (see below)
  • Free after sales phone support for tuning.
  • 2 x Scalpel valves and shims
  • 2 x Springs (+1, +1.5 or +2)
  • 2 x Modified damper rods
  • 2 x spring seats
  • 2 x new pre-load spacer
  • Machining fitting and assembling.
  • Free after sales phone support for tuning.

Price does not include:

  • Straightening of fork legs if required (If required we will quote you for this before proceeding).
  • New fork seals if required. Unless your forks have been leaking you probably won't require new fork seals.
  • Oil. Typically $30
  • Stripping and cleaning. If forks are not received stripped and cleaned there is a $50 service charge for doing this.
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