PowerBlade 300 with protecSafe BMS (Game changer Lithium battery)

  • Model: UB-12120MF3-2
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  • Manufactured by: Ultrabatt

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New Generation lithium cells. Huge step forward in power. 

Already the class leaders in power density with the previous generation PowerBlades, the new generation PowerBlades use the latest advances in lithium cells. With just a 14% increase in weight power has jumped and incredible 67%.

300 CCA (400 Peak Cranking Amps)
143x38.5x117.5mm (LxWxH)
Weight 760 grams

Utrabatt multiMighty PowerBlade features:
  • Ultrabatt batteries are famous for their legendary lifespan. the first lithium starter batteries with a 10+ year target lifespan.
  • Modular PowerBlade battery system, If you need a bigger starting kick or more capacity just click together as many PowerBlades as you need. Use a single PowerBlade for a small bike or add more for your V8 race car.
  • Every Power Blade includes a built in state of the art protecSAFE BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Anti-bricking, complete discharge protection, 
  • overcharging, protection
  • overvoltage protection
  • Thermal overload protection
  • short-circuit protection.
  • Full two year (non prorated) full value warranty!

The most important rating for your battery is how well it can start your bike. The rating that determines this is the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) number. The best way to decide how many Ultrabatt Lithium PowerBlades you need  to create a battery that has an equal or greater CCA rating of the battery you are replacing.  

*Quoted Cranking amps values are also the real 30 sedond duration Cranking Amp values, in real life these batteries perform even better than you expect. Most lithium battery manufacturers on the market give uinflated values from short 10 second burst tests, which is why we also mention the PCA (Pulse Cranking Amps) separately.

You can find the specifications for the original battery fitted to your car or bike at www.yuasabattery.com or contact FastBikeGear for our recommendations.

Before purchasing a Lithium battery for your bike we strongly advise you to read:

What you need to know about Lithium batteries- before you buy one!

Each PowerBlade in your multiMighty battery pack is packaged with:
  • Top terminal adapters (2)
  • Side terminal adapters (2)
  • Battery linking adapters (2)
  • Battery linking adapters (2)
  • Battery connection clips (2)
  • M5 battery bolts (2)
  • M6 terminal bolts (2)
  • Adhesive velcro straps for holding battery in battery box (4)
  • M5 hexagonal allen key tool
  • M6 hexagonal allen key tool
  • User’s manual
Lithium LiFePO4 batteries have proven to be:
  1. Cheaper to own than lead acid batteries due to a longer service life (5-10 years)
  2. Extremely light weight! A typical 7 amp/hour battery weighs 2.8kg. A single PowerBlade 200 incredibly weighs just 785 grams, complete with the built in protecSafe Battery Management System!!
  3. Very small size. 145 x 40 x 111 mm (no liquids inside, can be mounted in any orientation you like)
  4. More cranking power. Each time you clip on another PowerBlade you increment the Cranking Amps of your battery by 150 amps
  5. Very high capacity for size. Each time you add a PowerBlade you add another 5 Amp hours of capacity.
  6. Longer charge shelf life. Can start your bike after months of sitting on a shelf. Most customers consequently never need to purchase a mains charger.
  7. Safe (Unlike lead acid batteries that contain sulphuric acid and produce hyrdogen gas)
  8. Very fast chargingTypically a discharged battery can be fully recharged in 1-2 hours.  By comparison a discharged lead acid battery will take over 12 hours to charge to full capacity.
Cheaper to own than legacy lead acid batteries
Most customers are fast to catch on to new technology and cost savings. It used to be that racers bought Lithium batteries to save weight ..but now it is commuters and weekend riders who are buying Lithium batteries to save money!
 Most people own each bike for a few years and most motorcyclists have worked out that the per year cost of lead acid batteries that last between 1-3 years is fairly expensive when compared to the yearly cost of owning a Lithium battery that will last between 5 and 10 years... In addition, due to the high self-discharge rates of lead acid batteries and the periodic use of motorcycles, most experienced motorcycle owners usually purchase a smart charger to maintain and condition their lead acid batteries. Good quality smart chargers such as the CTEK units typically cost as much as the purchase price of the battery.

Many owners will discover an Ultrabatt PowerBlade battery will work out to be the cheapest option to own while they enjoy the benefits of  extremely light weight, high cranking power, very low self-self discharge between rides and much higher reliability.
Not all lithium batteries are equal

Ultrabatt established themselfs as the technology leaders in lithium batteries 10 years ago in GP racing and continual advancement have kept them the technological leaders.:

  • Incredibly some lithium battery vendors are still selling lithium batteries that do have inbuilt battery management systems.
  • Short lifetime, due to physical cell separation
  • No Anti-bricking, complete discharge protection, 
  • No overcharging, protection
  • No overvoltage protection
  • No thermal overload protection
  • No short-circuit protection.
In-built Battery Management Systems - extends the life of your battery by years
If LiFePo4 batteries are charged without a BMS (Battery Management System) the internal cells do not charge evenly. This can leads to a greatly reduced lifespan. If you only need 
the battery to last 2-3 years this is probably not an issue. But a lithium battery with an inbuilt BMS should have a lifespan of between 5 and 10 years.
Vendors whose batteries do not have an inbuilt BMS recommend that you also purchase an expensive mains powered BMS charger and periodically re-balance the charge of the cells with this to extend the life of your battery. Ultrabatt avoids this hassle (and less than perfect solution) with an inbuilt microchip controlled Battery Management System that ensures that your cells are balance charged while you are riding your bike. With a Ultrabatt battery the extra cost of an external BMS is unnecessaryEach multiMIGHTY PowerBlade has a microchip controlled BMS in it to ensure near perfect balanced cell charging and extend the life of your battery by years.
Short Cicuit protection - safety
Lithium batteries have a very low internal resistance and can produce extremely high currents if short circuited. While it takes a lot to destroy a lithium battery, these extemely high currents can produce extreme heat within the battery. This extreme heat can potentially ignite a lithium battery. Protect yourself and your bike. NEVER use a lithium battery on a motorcycle that does not have short cirucit protection. Each multiMIGHTY PowerBlade has a dealer replaceable short cirucit protection fuse.

Laser welded cell connections - durability
All lithium batteries have multiple cells inside them. Most other Lithium batteries inter-cell connections are either just low temperature soft-soldered or screwed together. Soft-solder brakes and screws vibrate loose. Both these interconnection systems and have proven very fragile in the field. We heard many stories of LiFePO4 batteries in motorcycles and jet skis failing after just a few hours of use due to these inter-cell connections failing.

Ultrabatt solves this problem by laser welding the inter-cell connections. Welding is much more robust than low temp soldering or just screwing together the internal cells. Ultrabatt batteries are warranted for and are truly suitable for use in both motorcycle and jet skis where batteries take a pounding.
The best way to maintain the charge in a lithium battery with built in BMS is to ride your bike and let your bike's charging circuit and the BMS in the battery do their thing. You can also charge your Utrabatt battery pack with an UB3000 Battery charger which is specifically designed for charging lithium batteries or any automotive lead acid battery charge that meets the guidelines in the manual. 
Please note that some of the customer reviews for this product are for the earlier gen 2 version of this battery.


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