Clingon Summer & Winter Chain Oiler Syrup (250ml - Nozzle top)

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We recommend and supply Clingon SW Chain Syrup for use with Tutoro chain oilers.

Clingon Summer & Winter Chain Syrup is a superior chain oiler solution. It is specially formulated for year round use with automatic chain oilers.

With Clingon's Summer & Winter Chain Syrup you only need one type of chain oil for year round use. While the oils viscosity reduces on hot days the oil anti-fling additives keep doing their job. So now you no longer need to swap out your winter oil for summer oil on hotter days.

Traditionally oil for chain oilers has had to be thin enough to run through the system without clogging it up ...which has meant that it also readily flings off the chain once it gets there.

Clingon SW chain syrup uniquely resolves this dilema by combining a formulaton of a readibly pourable oil with a very high concentration of anti-fling additive so once it gets on your chain, it clings on and stays there.

Most riders over oil their chain knowing that most of the light chain oils used by other chain oilers will fling off your chain and sprockets fairly quickly.  Because Clinons chain oil has a high concentrations of anti-fling addititivesyou will find that a little Clingon SW Chain Syrup will go a very long way. We recommend that you set your chain oiler to  the minimum feed rate required to maintain a light film of oil on your chain. As a usage guide 10ml of Clingon S & W Chain Oiler Syrup should last about 500kms in fair weather on road usage.

  • High concentration of Anti-Fling additives to ensure that your oil stays on your chain to provide long lasting protection.
  • Superior film strength and wear protection.
  • Penetrates between the rollers and side plates to get under the rollers.
  • Formulated for use with X-Ring and O-Ring chains
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection under all operating conditions.
  • 250ml garage top up bottles are supplied with easy pour nozzles (Nozzle top not shown in picture)


What other oil can you use: We recommend our Cling-on Summer and Winter chain syrup, but you can also use a GL1 grade gearbox mineral oil.

Avoid Ester based oil, Polyglycol oil and oil containing additives such as Molybendum disulfide (moly) or graphite as some of these additives can attack rubber O'rings in your chain or the materials the Tutoro chain oiler is made from. 

Never, ever use automatic transmission fluid (ATF) in n your oiler!, some variants have all sorts of nasty toxins that can destroy plastics, some even corrode brass!  

Don't use EP Gearbox oils! these can make the Auto oilers cap swell, this can cause the Acrylic* reservoir to crack when the cap is forced into the top of the reservoir! If you have been using this don't try to force the cap to fit but order a new cap, drain the oiler and switch to using a TUTORO oil or use a GL1 grade gearbox mineral oilThe additives in EP oil will also corrode brass.


How much oil should you use: Generally in the summer warm dry months with little rain you will need less oil than in the winter where rain will wash off the oil in short order. For a TUTORO Auto expect summer use to be a fill approx every 1200 - 1600 kilometres. I know some users have gone 2500 kilometres on a fill but a lot depends on the time spent covering those miles - ie you cover a lot more miles on a motorway in a day than you do on small back roads but the time in the saddle is the same.


During the Winter months when the temperatures remain below 25° C and rain is all too frequent, the amount of oil you should use will need to increase in order to offer any sort of protection to your chain and sprockets. 

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