Shifting Control, Quick shift (pull type)

  • Model: FBGQS-Pull
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  • Manufactured by: Driven Racing (USA)

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Shifting Control, simple quick shift switch (pull type)
When you change up gears the quick shifters internal microswitch disables your ignition coils for the duration of the gear shift.
The quick shifter does not operate when you change from neutral to 1st but operates for all subsequent up shifts. It does not operate on down shifts.
The key advantage is not that the quick shifter speeds up your gear changes (which it does), but that it elimates the need for you to roll off the thottle while changing gears which stalls the flow of air and fuel into your engine. Each time you stall this inlet charge by rolling off the throttle it takes a finite time to re accellerate this charge into the engine which cost you precious horsepower for longer than the duration of the gear change.
Please note if you need them we also sell linkage rod kits for these.
Two output wires.
Length 60 mm.
Inner thread M6 right.
Weight 60 g.
Cable lenght 110 cm.
Water resistant. 
How do these Quick Shifters work?
On an inductive igntion system (CDI systems operate differently) the vehicles igntion system causes the spark plugs to fire by cutting the current it supplies to the ignition coils at the desired firing points. Cutting the current to the coils causes the magnetic field established by the current in the primary winding of the coil around the igntion coii to collapse. The collapsing of the magnetic field induces a very large voltage in the secondary winding  that has nowhere to go other than jump across the spark plug gap. 

When you operate the gear lever to change up gears the microswitch in the quick shifter closes....
  • When used without a quickshift control unit.  Unlike the more sophisticaed strain gauge (transducer) units, you don't need any other hardware for this as the microswitch is built into the unit. In this configuration the quick shifter is wired in so that when the microswitch closes it prevents the current to the primary side of the coils being cut by the ECU (or points on an early classic bike). In this basic configuration the ignition is simply cut for as long as you keep pressure on the gear shift.

    In this configuraton one of the two wires is connected to your batteries negative side and the other wire of the quick shifter is directly connected to the negative connection on each of your ignition coils. 

    This mode of operation is not suitable for use on bikes fitted with CDI ignition systems.
  • When used with an Ignitech ignition  unit. The Quickshifter is connected to the control unit rather than directly to the coils. The ignition cut time after the Microswitch is operated is programmable within the Ignition control unit.

    This mode of operation is suitable for use on bikes fitted with CDI ignition systems and inductive ignition systems.


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