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Bikers Christmas wish list
If you're worried about getting yet another pair of socks, underpants or a book voucher for Christmas .....we have a solution that is more reliable than sitting on Santa's knee...... Just cut and paste the items you want from the Bikers Christmas wish list into an email and then send your wish list to everyone who is struggling to know what to get you for Christmas...  Better yet  just send it to EVERYONE in your email contact list!

(Easy mistake: When Liam visited Santa at the Henderson mall last year he dressed up as the Stig to avoid the embarrassment of recognition. As you can see Santa was obviously excited by Liam's present idea, but obviously didn't have a clue where to deliver the present. Maybe Ben Collins was surprised on Christmas morning to find a Ducati Panigale parked on the driveway?

Invision Anti-Fog /Auto-tinting visor inserts - $39
An essential safety item?
The unique technology found in the InVision Anti-Fog visor inserts provides guaranteed absolute fog-free vision... even in the worst driving weather.
InVision Anti-Fog visors are the latest technical development from the same guys who invented the world's first anti-fog double glazing system for helmets, the legendary FogCity inserts.
For more information or to purchase InVision Anti-Fog visor inserts from our web site click here

New Auto version of Tutoro chain oilers - $139!
Everyone who has ever put a chain oiler on their bike swears by the convenience and brags about the longer life of their chains and sprockets. They just make good economic sense. One of our top selling product ranges continues to be our Tutoro chain oilers.
Tutoro Auto pushes up the industry benchmark for quality and smart design. Beautifully engineered and constructed from the highest grade materials, the unique autonomous self-actuation system negates the need to connect it to any of your motorcycles electrical or vacuum systems - it operates by utilising the normal inertia and motion changes that every motorbike is subject to, so no batteries required either.

You can use just about any oil you like with this system - unlike some other brands it does not gunge up with thicker oils or with oils with anti-fling addititves.
For more information or to purchase the top of the line Tutoro Auto chain oiler kit from our web site  click here

RockSolid Foldaway Bar End Mirrors - $99 to $119
RockSolid Fold-Away Bar End Mirrors (Black)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The combination of optical grade convex glass and a quality mounting system provides a rock solid clear view of what's behind you ...and also what's in the lanes either side of you.
True Fold-Away(TM) design ideal for tight gaps and for tight parking spaces. Many other lane splitter designs offer only a limited range of movement that doesn't provide true fold away capabiliy.
Available in black, chrome and CNC aluminium with silver finish.
For more information or to purchase RockSolid Fodaway Bar End Mirrors from our web site click here

Driven Kraton gel grips - $23
Driven grips use a two ply construction, that reduces vibration, arm pump and hand fatigue. Made from an outer ply of PVC (designed to stabilise grip surface) surrounding a second layer of Kraton Gel designed to reduce vibration. The result is a grip that is very comfortable on long rides, race days and track days.
Driven Grippy Kraton Gel Touring grips
For more information or to purchase grips from our web site click here

Pro/Grip Superbike grips - $34
These are the very same grips as used by the factory Ducati Corse team.
ProGrips use a two ply construction, that reduces vibration, arm pump and hand fatigue. The result is a grip that is very comfortable on long rides, race days and track days.
ProGrip SuperBike grips (724 red/black)
For more information or to purchase grips from our web site click here

R&G heated grips - $87
R&G Heated Grips
These are our favourite heated grips for the following reasons....
  • Easy to install wiring
  • Five Heat Settings
  • Easy to operate heat setting selector with gloves on
  • Fast Heat up time. Heat up to 35 degrees celsius in just two minutes.
  • Highest temperatru setting 60 degrees celsius
  • Winner of RiDE Magazines Prestigious 2011 Best Buy award.
For more information or to purchase heated grips from our web sitclick here

Phone mounting kits for iPhone - $77, and Samsung Galaxy - $65
BioLogic iPhone case and handle bar mounting systemBioLogic Samsung Galaxy II case and handle bar mounting system
The BioLogic iPhone or Samsung Galaxy handle bar mounting system is a very high quality product - check out our feed back to see what customers say about these products.
Weatherproof mounting system designed for mounting on motorcycles with traditional style handlebars. (Not designed to be used on motorcycles fitted with clip-on bars)
For more information or to purchase Phone mounting kits from our web sitclick here

Oberon registration and WOF holders - $51 each
Oberon waterproof rego holder (black)Oberon waterproof WOF holder (black)
Cylindrical registration and WOF holders by Oberon Performance. The stylish and innovative designs allow you to mount the holders almost anywhere on the motorcycle. The tubes are hand rotatable which will allow the contents to be read in full. Registration and WOF holders are available in a range of colours.

Stop-it! indicator reminder - $59

Stop-it! Indicator Reminder

How often has a car nearly pulled out in front of you because you have forgotten to cancel your indicators? It's one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. If you know someone who occasionally forgetso cancel their indicators, you know it is only a matter of time before this happens... If it's in an urban environment you may be lucky enough to limp away from it. If it's on the open road the consequences are likely to be deadly - literally.
The Stop-it! has been one of our most popular products for good reason!
NEVER forget to cancel your indicators again.
The Stop-it! beeps intermittently to remind you that you have your indicator on. It automatically mutes when your brakes are applied while slowing to turn for the corner. This function also mutes the reminder while you are waiting to turn at traffic lights so the reminder never becomes annoying.
For more information or to purchase the Stop-it!  from our web sitclick here

R&G Racing Aero Knee Sliders - $66

R&G Aero Knee Sliders
R&G Aero Knee Sliders are popular worldwide, seen on the best riders, roads and tracks of the planet. They are extensively used by many riders in the British Superbike Championship (amongst others) and race schools worldwide including and the California Superbike School. Developed with the feedback from the top racers.
R&G's  latest generation of Aero Knee Sliders, are made from a special blend of composite materials to ensure the riders gets better  feel and confidence when leant over.
For more information or to purchase R&G Aero Knee Sliders from our web sitclick here

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