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Braided brake lines

Recommended replacement Schedule
In line with many motorcycle manufacturers, FastBikegGear recommends that all brake lines regardless of appearance be replaced after a life cycle of 10 years. 

Fittings fatigue and inner and outer hose sheathing/casings perish. In the event you see cracks in your hose sheathing or get any other indication that the integrity of your lines may be compromised, stop riding your bike
and seek expert professional advice.  Brake lines should always be fitted by an experienced service professional. 

FBG brake lines are tested to the most stringent of performance requirements, both in the laboratory and on the race track.  

FBG brakes lines are certified for use in New Zealand 

All FBG lines are supplied with the certification codes printed on them.

If an aftermarekt brake line does not have the certification codes printed on them then you are likely to fail a Warrant of Fitness. Much of our business is replacing uncertified lines on bikes that have failed warrants.

It is a legal requirement in New Zealand that any aftermarket brake lines you fit to your bike have been certified for use in New Zealand. (FastBikeGear also believes that brake levers should have to meet the similar test standards - but that's another story!)

FBG brake lines have been accepted by LTSA in New Zealand under FMVSS-106 design criteria. FBG brake line  are certified to meet the following countries legal requirements.. ADR (Australia), LTSA (New Zealand), DOT (United States Of America), NHTSA (United States Of America) TuV (Germany), IDR (Israel) and MOT (Europe). 

Whip Test
Motorcycles brake lines are exposed to extreme air turbulence, vibration and large suspension movements for the duration of their life. One of the hardest certification tests to pass,  is the whip test - more hoses fail this test than any other certification test. During the whip test, hoses are subjected to extreme motion to test that the hoses will be able to stand up to many years of abuse on a motorcycle. To pass this test all hoses must last for 35 hours on the test apparatus and are normally tested until destruction to give an indication of quality past the required time frame.  When FBGs brake lines were subjected to the whip test ALL the lines tested were removed from the test apparatus after 40 hours ...and all were found to be fully intact.  Incredibly one hose was tested for a further 35 hours (70 hours total) and another to 93 hours - and again  BOTH were removed fully intact.  This was something that the independent test centre had NEVER experienced before in over 20 years of testing.

It is clear that the stainless steel fittings used on our FBG brake lines provide a superior safety margin than the cheaper alloy fittings used by some other manufacturers.

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