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Posi-Lock in-line connectors

At last decent quality electrical connectors for Motorbikes! Posi-lock (USA) may not have invented a better mouse trap, but they have certainly invented a better wire trap! The most common reason that automobile, motorcycle and marine electronic accessories fail is due to the use of unsuitable connectors. One of the most over priced things your can purchase for a motorcycle are cheap connectors! A good part of an auto electrician's work load is replacing corroded and failed crimp connectors.

The legendary Posi-Tap connectors are a vastly superior product to failure prone scotchlok and crimp style connectors that you get at your local automotive DIY store At best those connectors are useful for connecting wires indoors where they will not be subjected to the weather, vibration or high temperatures.

Check out these advantages.

  • Crimp-less
  • solder-less
  • Tool-less (hand fastening connectors)
  • Rust-less
  • Re-usable
  • Weather resistant or watertight options

SAE J1211 Section 3.2.3 Salt Spray Test
SAE J1211 Section 3.2.4 Immersion & Splash Test
SAE J1211 Section 3.2.5 Dust, Sand & Gravel Bombardment
SAE J1211 Section 3.2.7 Mechanical Vibration Test
SAE J1211 Section 3.2.8 Mechanical Shock Test
SAE J1211 Section 3.2.1 Temperature Test

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