Posi-Lock connectors

Wire sizing. Please note that the higher gauge number the smaller the wire is. A 24 gauge wire is much smaller than a 10 gauge wire. You can find more information on wire gauge sizes here on Wikipedia.

But we make things simple!

Posi-Lock connectors are colour coded as follows:

Red Small - 22-24 gauge. Used for instrumentation and signalling wires
Red & Grey - 20-22 guage. Used for low current applications such as indicators.
Red Medium - 18-20 gauge. Used for horn wiring
Blue - 14-18 gauge. Used for higher current applications such as head light wiring
Yellow - 10-14 gauge. Typically used for main power feeds to fuse boxes and for battery charging circuits.

There is nothing to stop you connecting two or more smaller gauge wires into the end of a connector designed for a larger gauge wire. For this reason it is invaluable to have a range of different size connectors in your tool kit.

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