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Race Tech Suspension

There are two main types of forks, Cartridge Forks and Damping Rod Forks. Cartridge Forks are used predominantly on modern Sport Bikes. Typically cartridge style forks offer more precise damping control than older style Damping Rod Forks.

Upgrading damping rod forks

Damping rod forks are simple in design and crude in operation. They are notorious for being mushy and easy to bottom ...while incredibly contriving to feel harsh at the same time! This is the unavoidable result of the crude fixed orifice damping used by damping rod forks. Until Race Tech invented their Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators, all you could do was change the spring rate, oil viscosity and the damping hole size. The best result was always a serious compromise. Race Tech's Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator kits are another one of the outstanding inventions from Race Tech’s Paul Thede. Simply put; Race Tech's Gold Valve cartridge emulators enable you to make your damping rod forks perform like well tuned cartridge forks. The Gold Valve cartridge emulators are tunable valves that sit on top of the damping rods and are held in place with the main springs. This makes them both simple to install and completely tunable for all conditions and rider preferences. From first hand experience we can say that this kit was the most satisfying bang for buck upgrade we performed on FastBikeGears latest project bike.

Upgrading cartridge forks
Race Tech's Gold Valve kits for cartridge forks are designed to break through the limitations of stock piston designs. Research has shown that the stock piston ports induce unnecessary harshness. Gold Valves are designed to reduce piston restriction so harshness is dramatically reduced. This allows the valving stack to be personally tailored to the individual rider. Tests have proven that bottoming resistance is actually increased as the harshness is decreased. Traction is also improved. Gold Valve Kits are designed to be installed by competent individuals and suspension tuners. A few specialized tools are required.

The key to both options is a careful combination of the Gold Valves themselves and the valving stack. Custom setups are computer calculated with the Digital Valving Search on Race Techs website. Developed and refined for over 18 years, this computerized system calculates the proper setup for the individual rider including spring rates and clicker settings from over 300,000 possible combinations. The range of tunability that these upgrade kits offer means that track tests with racers consistently produce lap times that are one or more seconds a lap faster while road riders rave at the increased control, ride quality and handling safety margins.

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